Remeika Photo-15



Custom photoshoots for any occasion. While I expand my portfolio and figure out what I enjoy the most, I am open to all types of photography work! See my gallery for the level of quality you can expect in your photoshoot. I am passionate about creating beautiful imagery of any sort whether it be pets, couples,  family, maternity etc.


Got a great photo but it just doesn’t have that “pro” look. That’s because good editing is half of what makes a good photo a great one. Subtle but effective adjustments in exposure, colour and detail can dramatically improve the overall emotion of the photo and give it the look you envisioned when you took it.


Whether you sell products or services, I want to make your vision a reality. Express what you sell to your customers in a way that instills emotion and shows how it differs from the competition. A picture is worth a thousand words, but that doesn’t mean it should cost that much.


I was a web designer before a photographer. One of the reasons I started as a photographer was due to the constant need for professional imagery for the websites I was building. Stock images are expensive and don’t uniquely represent your business. Having a well designed web presence with consistent and personalized photography will take your business to the next level, and I will make it happen.