Remeika Photo Jasper-4

Editing that Wows


Have some photos you want to print? Make sure they are perfect first! There's nothing worse than getting prints back that looked good on a screen but came out way too dark! A quick and affordable way to make sure you're excited to give grandma that family portrait.

Professional software used to make picture-wide adjustments in things like exposure, white balance, crop, and other minor tone adjustments that bring the best out of each raw file.

From $4.99 per photo (under 10 images)
From $2.99 per photo (10 or more images)


Have your own website and need your images to convey a consistent look and message? Or maybe you just want to step up your Instagram game.

Includes all your basic adjustments but also local adjustments such as editing eyes and smoothing skin tones. Next-level editing includes subtle techniques that further draw attention to the subject giving your already great shots, a dramatic finish!

From $9.99 per photo.


In depth editing that makes your creative vision a reality. This includes things like removing distracting objects from the frame like stray hairs and cleaning up messy backgrounds. This also includes CPU intensive edits such as panoramic and HDR photo merging and image stacking.

Please contact me for pricing.