A little about me


My name is Brandon Remeika

I am a 24 year old “mostly” professional photographer in Edmonton.

For the last three years I have been obsessed with photography and have spent part of every single day learning the craft and trying new things.

My confidence behind my camera increased rapidly and I became known as “the photographer” in my family and group of friends. It wasn’t long before people started reaching out to me for their photography needs.

I have a young daughter Amelia, a nice little house I share with my significant other Val, and a husky named Luna.

Thanks for checking me out, please contact me for any inquires you might have! If you enjoy my work, please consider supporting me by checking out my online store.


Quick Facts:

Nickname: Donny

Favourite band: Led Zeppelin (bet you didn’t expect that)

Special talents: Sarcasm, bad puns, cutting watermelon, Friends quotes

What I do outside of photography: Web design, snowboard, play guitar, spend time with my girls, hit the lake, go camping…

Remeika Photo Web Headshot-1.jpg


He’s the best, that is all.
— Everyone
Im batman
— the joker
He should probably get some real testimonials soon!
— You